Art For Sale

Sometimes I don't sign away exclusive rights to my art. This means I've got several juicy pieces just sitting around waiting for people to buy them. If you want to buy one-time reproduction rights to any of these pieces, contact me. I can make minor adjustments and provide files in a variety of formats for one low price, or rework images entirely (pricing subject to negotiation).

Images in this section are watermarked and in low resolution. Purchased products are 300dpi and free of watermarking.
Psionic Companions
These illustrations were commissioned by DaemonEye Publishing. They form a bestiary of psionic creatures, suitable for any project involving weird monsters and peculiar imagery. Many of them are unpleasant. This series is not yet finished and will extend to 21 images in total.

Astral Construct
Brain Mole
Caller in Darkness
Crysmal (forthcoming)
Psionic Lich
Thought Eater

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